Birthday greeting to Aswini

Dear Jessica,

How are you? I know you will be very busy getting ready for the party tonight. Did you go to the vet lately? Make sure someone brushes your beautiful hair so that it is more shining than the other girl in your home, Ashwini who is celebrating her birthday this evening. Please don’t get us wrong, we are coming over there just to see you, spend some quality cat / pet time with you.  If you happen to notice some of us hanging out with Ashwini a bit more, take it easy, don’t be jealous, Jessi. Then everyone will start calling you jealousy Jessica. We don’t want that and you don’t like that either, right?

This Ashwini girl, did she buy any new dress for this evening? Did she show it you yet? Do you like it? How old is she, do you know, do you care? No, we don’t care either, we are here only to see you, just curious Ashwini.

How is the third girl in your home, Aarthi? Is she nice to you? I think they both learnt those graceful dance movements from watching you all day and all night.

You are a much matured girl. So, would you please join us to wish that little girl “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHWINI”?

Thanks Jessica. I love you.

Anand, Latha, Manu, Sibi

அஸ்வினியே , ஆர்த்தியின் தங்கையே

நீ வீட்டில் இரண்டாவது மகள், ஆனால் நட்சத்திரங்களில் முதலாமவள்

இன்று போல் என்றும் மகிழ்ச்சியாக இருப்பாயாக என்று வாழ்த்தும்

ஆனந்த், லதா, மனு, சிபி


5th March, 2011





About muruganandan

Born and brought up in India, emigrated to Canada and trying to understand and enjoy the world I live in.

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