Investment with highest returns !!!

Dear Friends and Family,

It is not what you think. I will be the last person to offer financial advice to others. Neither I have the qualification nor do I have the expertise, experience, prowess, power and success in that area.The closest I have ever been to financial acumen and success was when my brother-in-law Gopi drove me along the street in Omaha, Nebraska where Warren Buffet lives in a modest home. That is about it.

I am talking about investment in one’s own self – happiness and health. I listen to both 580 CFRA and 91.5 CBC (Ottawa’s most popular radio channels) to understand both right and left of the spectrum. I may not agree with everything what Lowell Green talks about, but I definitely trust the businesses and companies that he recommends (Henderson Security, J.C.Robinson and BMI medical to name a few).

When my weight reached 100 kgs – 220 pounds, my own feet and knees refused to obey my commands and went on illegal strikes. Free Yoga at the Sai Centre and fee based 22 weeks weight loss program at transformed me from a person who lives to eat to a person who eats to live. I used to love my sofa, TV and laptop. A small electronic Pedometer which came with the weight loss program changed all that. I started walking again, motivated by the numbers that tells me how good or bad I am everyday. Latha’s stringent diet and my sons’ fitness training brought me back to 82kgs – 180 pounds.

So personal health is the first investment that gave me very high returns. Here is the proof from my pedometer which measures every step I have taken every day >>> an average of 8960 steps / day


The second best investment was books. After a long time chasing money, I stopped and started reading books again. I hit a gold mine soon. First book was a classic Sahithya Academy winning 1000 pages novel Kaaval Kottam காவல் கோட்டம் by Su.Venkatesan. It is all about Madurai and its history, rich and por, boom and bust, bravery, blood, wins and losses, people, culture, customs and of course food.

வால்காவில் இருந்து கங்கை வரை

கோபல்லப கிராமம்

Wheat Belly

Low Carb Coach

– some of the books that kept me busy and made me happy the last few years.

And the third investment with high returns is Songs and Dance functions of our cultural associations in Ottawa. After every event, I had the same feeling – everybody is a winner in these functions.

Forth in my list is travel and everything that comes with it. Food still remains one of my favourites, but quality matters more than the quantity nowadays.

Looking forward to a more promising new year…till then

நல்லறிவு, நன்னலம், நற்செல்வம், நன்மக்கள், நல்லரசு நம் அனைவருக்கும் கிடைக்க, நிலைக்க எல்லாம் வல்ல இறைவனை வணங்கும் உங்கள் நண்பன் முருகானந்தன்

அன்புடன் ஆனந்த்


About muruganandan

Born and brought up in India, emigrated to Canada and trying to understand and enjoy the world I live in.

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  1. Well said and very inspiring!

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