Summer so far…

Dear Ottawa Tamil Sangam members,

Every May and June, mostly girls who graduate grade 12 and going to university somehow convince their parents to arrange a party and I get invited to some. After reading a poem written by one of our members, Sabitha Rajan, I thought I should write one in English too. I know it is a bit late, I should have started when I was 5, not when I am 55.

So I wrote something, like a stock greeting, that any one can give to anyone who graduates and go to college.

That was the first mistake that I did, trying to write something in English.

Secondly I showed it Manu, one of my twin sons, who gave a quick glance and said “Don’t embarrass yourself dad, this sounds like something a second grader wrote”.

Giving up not being my virtue, I showed that to two retired head-mistress of higher secondary schools in India, soliciting their support.

They lowered the rating to “Grade 1” material and promptly threw my poem into waste bin.

Then I remembered I can always rely on our Ottawa Tamil Sangam members / friends who would definitely give me at least a pass grade.

Here it is >>>

From school you go to university
We wish you always prosperity

Life may take you East or West
We wish you always the best of best

Life may take you North or South
We wish you always healthy growth

Ups and downs may come across
Values learned will make you cross

Turns and twists may slow you down
Waver not, you’ll get your crown

Duedates and deadlines will stress you out
Yoga if you practice will get you out

God-given siblings and parents are with you
Carefully chosen friends and family are with you

Culture and tradition you have learned
Common sense you also gained

Life may make you run run run
Knowledge will make you win win win

We wish you always the best of best

Anbudan Anand (muruganandan)


About muruganandan

Born and brought up in India, emigrated to Canada and trying to understand and enjoy the world I live in.

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