Almond Balls

பாதாம் லட்டு

Ingredients –

Almonds – 200 Gms

Dried Coconut shredded or powder – 25 Gms

Dates (Mezdool Big) – 5 or Brown Sugar or Honey (If you are not diabetic, you can add even 10 dates)

Cardamom ground – 4

Ghee (Clarified Butter) or Coconut Oil – 4 Tsp

Method –

Soak the almonds in salted water for 8 to 12 hours to remove the phytic acid. (Change the water every 4 hours if possible). Dry them in room temperature and / or toaster oven. Roast them in a pan, add cardamom and coconut powder just before removing them from the pan to a tray. Let it cool down completely.

Use a food processor or grinder to grind first the almonds mix and then add pitted dates or honey or brown sugar. You can also add a bit almond butter or cocoa powder, cinnamon etc to taste and roll them into balls, freeze them for an hour and store them in air tight container.

Note >>> The finer the almonds are ground, better is the taste. Try different grinders, food processors until you achieve the desired results.





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