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Full Fat Omlette

Ok, Let us have some big fat omlette

Eggs – 6
Cheese (Cheddar or Mozzarella or mixed) – 6 Tbsp
Mushrooms – 2 big (slice into small pieces)
Full fat cream – 6 Tbsp
Sundried tomato – 3 Tbsp (slice into small pieces)
Green onions – 2 sprigs (slice into small pieces)
Basil leaves – 12 (or Coriander or Curry leaves)
Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder, Garam Masala – to taste
Butter – 1 Tbsp

Break open the eggs, beat them up with rest of the ingredients except butter.
Take a baking pan, coat it with melted butter, pour the egg mixture, bake for 30 minutes at 350 degree F. You can also pressure cook or slow-cook on a pan over stove but at very low heat, covered.

Enjoy with your better half




Buttery Basa

Buttery Basa on a bed of Arugula

மீஈஈஈன் !

எப்ப பார்த்தாலும் மிளகாய், மல்லி, சீரகம், மஞ்சள் தானா என்று புலம்புவர்களுக்காக 


Buttery Basa

தேவையான பொருட்கள்:
முள்ளில்லாத மீன் – 1/2 கிலோ
வெண்ணை – 30 கிராம்
வெள்ளைப்பூண்டு – 5 பல்
மிளகுத் தூள் – 1 மேசைக்கரண்டி
உப்பு – 1 தேக்கரண்டி
எலுமிச்சை – 1


வெண்ணெயை உருக்கி, மிகமிகப் பொடியாக துருவிய பூண்டை சேர்த்து, எலுமிச்சை சாரை பிழிந்து விட்டு, மிளகு, உப்பு போட்டு, மீன் துண்டுகளை ஊறவிட்டு, பிறகு
அவனிலும் சமைக்கலாம், அடுப்பிலும் சமைக்கலாம், தணலிலும் சுடலாம், தண்ணியிலும் வேகவைக்கலாம் – “நா” சொல்படி “நாம்” கேட்போம்.

நான் மின்னடுப்பில் (Oven) 350 degree F முதலில் 30 நிமிடம் (Bake Mode), 500 degree F (Broil Mode) 10 நிமிடம் வைத்தேன்.

Buttery Basa was on a bed of Arugula

If only I knew then, what I know now…

நல்வாழ்வுக்கு இரண்டு பக்கம்  – செல்வம், (உடல்)நலம்

Good Life has two aspects – Wealth and Health.

While we concentrate on the first one, many of us tend to ignore the second one.

We will easily come up with many reasons for relegating health to the last line of our priority list.

I am not an exception to this cycle either. Health took the back seat.

Moving to a new country where food and drinks are abundant compounded the issue.

Stretch my arm and I will get some food. Food is everywhere, on the kitchen counter, dining table, coffee table, pantry, fridge, even in bedside table.

My weight quickly reached 100 Kgs (220 lbs).

படிக்கும்போது எந்தப் பாடத்திலும் நூறு மதிப்பெண்கள் வாங்காத நான்,
எடையில் நூறை இலகுவாக தொட்டேன்.

In any group picture, you can easily spot me. I would occupy most real estate.



Way back in 1999, when I moved to Ottawa, I was told that extended insurance is needed to cover dental procedures and prescription drugs. I thought why not. Some one from the insurance company came to our apartment, drew blood and left. First monthly deduction was higher than that was quoted by the insurance company. When I asked “why” so, i was told that I have “Cholesterol” and to cover the risk, my premium went up. I went to my doctor and he confirmed it and put me on “Statin” drug.

I wish I knew then, what I know now about “Statin drugs”.

When I went for my next general check up with my physician after 3 months, there was another surprise. This time I was told I am diabetic and put on one more medication.

I religiously  followed all the medications. I was lead to believe all these are either hereditary or due to my life style and I had to live with medications rest of my life.

3 months after when my cholesterol level did not drop to the expected levels, I was given one more medication.

I wish I knew then, what I know now about “drug dependency”.

When I tried to do exercises or walk, my feet, ankles and knees hurt.

To loose weight I need to walk and to walk I need to loose weight.

I was caught between the “proverbial” rock and a hard place.

Later I was told, I have developed Arthritis and given more medications.

But for the first time, I started to think about this vicious cycle of events.

I wish I knew then about “Arthritis”, what I know now .

Then I met a 74 year young man Shree Kanhere who taught me Yoga. Few weeks into twice weekly Yoga, for the first time in so many years, my weighing machine needle tilted to the left. I was happy. 

Another Yoga teacher Satish Anand offered few more lessons and also taught us how to cook “Kichadi” – Low Carb, High Protein Vegetable Stew.

Now that I lost the first few pounds (kgs), I started exploring other ways to loose weight.

I listen to Ottawa’s 580 CFRA radio and became a fan of Dr.Yoni Freedhoff of Bariatric Medical Institue (BMI).

Dr.Yoni Freedhoff – Family doc, Assistant Prof. at the University of Ottawa, Author of The Diet Fix, and founder of Ottawa’s non-surgical Bariatric Medical Institute (BMI) – a multi-disciplinary, ethical, evidence-based nutrition and weight management centre. Nowadays he is more likely to stop drugs than start them. – His own words from his blog.

My biggest weight loss (Health Gain) happened when I enrolled in BMI’s 22 week program. Yoni’s team includes physicians, dieticians and fitness instructors. They taught me and my wife how to count calories, fat, protein, carbs and steps. I bought my first pedometer from them.


I still wear one and I average about 10,000 steps (approximately 6 kms) a day. A digital scale permanently sits on our kitchen counter top near the stove to measure food intake.


As you can see in the pictures above, the “big bulge” or “beer belly” is gone.

Over the months, plates full of rice were reduced to 12 Oz, 10, 9, 8…5 Oz.

What happened to my “Arthritis”? We broke up and we never met again.

As an added bonus, my blood sugar and HbA1c started coming down.

I wish I knew then about “Carbs” what I know now.

The next break through came via a book “Wheat Belly” written by Dr.William Davis.

Dr.Davis has documented everything about wheat and its negative impact on our health based on his patients history (of course after changing names). It is a very good read and I strongly recommend every one of us to read it.

According to Dr.Davis: Wheat free diet may not cure Autism, but reduces the hyperactivity syndrome in children.

I started eliminating wheat. Bagel, Bread, Donut, Muffin, Pancake, Waffle, Pizza, Burger Bun, Poori, Parotta, Roti, Chapathi and everything made of wheat, whole wheat, multi-grain, Maida, All purpose disappeared from my plate.

After 3 consecutive normal HbA1c levels, I was taken off diabetic medication. There may be occasional spikes in blood sugar and I know exactly what is causing it. (Puttu, Uppuma – anything that is high in Carbohydrates)


And last year I joined the FaceBook group Arogyam & Nalvaazhvu (ஆரோக்கியம் & நல்வாழ்வு ), founded by Selvan who lives in USA and administrated by several experts and guided by doctors). I wish this group and FaceBook was there 20 years back. Diet advice is given to members on a golden plate and members can reap the benefits in 50, 60, 90, 100 days and keep the gain for ever as long as they follow the guidelines.

This group is great for networking with like minded people and offers support and guidance free of cost, yes FREE, totally free.

This group advocates Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet that is also known as “Paleo Diet” (முன்னோர் உணவு). They manage a subgroup just for recipes. They have a very structured way of joining, getting advice and follow-up as shown below >>>



Links to FaceBook groups >>>

நமது பேலியோ குழுமங்களின் facebook முகவரிகள்

main group

Success Stories

I am re-discovering myself in more ways than I ever thought and cooking my own food from scratch is one of them. That keeps me away from phone, laptop and TV.

And just in case if you want to know, my current weight is 81 Kgs (178 Lbs)

I frequently post my recipes in FB and also in YouTube >>>


I know this post may evoke strong emotions and reactions, but I am prepared.

If just one person who reads this, can reduce weight and lead a normal healthy life, I would have met my goal.

If only I knew then, what I know now…

அன்புடன் ஆனந்த் (முருகானந்தன்)

Is this true???

Statin scare

Check it out — Dr. Davis newest book, Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox, is in stores now! Click to order and learn more. Learn More

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Dr. William Davis

Cardiologist + Author + Health Crusader

“The food you eat is making you sick and the agencies that are providing you with guidelines on what to eat are giving dangerous advice with devastating health consequences. You can change that today.”


Statin scare

By Dr. Davis | May 23, 2016

It is shocking that so many people are bullied by doctors into taking statin cholesterol drugs: “The evidence is overwhelming: statins save lives.” “You’re a walking time-bomb. I can’t be responsible for your safety if you don’t take it.” “Your cholesterol is so high that you could die of a heart attack any time.” I’ve even heard of many patients being “fired” by doctors because of a refusal to take the prescription for Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, or other drug.

Why such strong-arm tactics? Several reasons:

People are given the wrong diet, a diet—reduced in total and saturated fat, increased “healthy whole grains”—that causes inflammation/rise in c-reactive protein (CRP), a drop in HDL (“good”) cholesterol , rise in triglycerides (sometimes dramatic), and an explosion of small LDL particles, all witnessed on the standard cholesterol panel as low HDL, high triglycerides, and higher LDL cholesterol (though under-representing the full magnitude of rise in small LDL particles), as well as higher fasting blood sugar, higher HbA1c, higher blood pressure. These metabolic distortions do indeed increase cardiovascular risk, though not for the reasons most doctors think. This is interpreted by most doctors as reflecting your bad dietary habits and/or the uselessness of diet.The clinical studies purporting to show 25-50% reduction in cardiovascular risk do nothing of the sort. The real benefit is around 1-3% reduction—measurable but small (and not in all groups of people, with small benefits confined mostly to people who have had a prior cardiovascular event). In other words, doctors perceive around 25-fold more benefit than there truly is. This is because studies (nearly all funded by the drug industry) perform a statistical sleight-of-hand by reporting something called “relative risk’ that misrepresents and exaggerates the real benefit (a topic for future discussion).They are “treating” either total cholesterol, which is a crude marker of cardiovascular risk in large populations but virtually useless when applied to assessing the risk of an individual, or LDL cholestrol, a calculated—not measured—value. Under the best of circumstances,calculated LDL cholesterol is an unreliable, imprecise marker for cardiovascular risk. Introduce physiological changes such as grain/sugar elimination or fish oil supplementation and dramatic changes develop in the composition of blood lipoproteins (fat-carrying proteins) that make the equation to calculate LDL cholesterol even more unreliable, in fact wildly unreliable. You can witness the unreliability of calculated LDL cholesterol when you perform a superior method of assessing cardiovascular risk, such as an NMR lipoprotein panel. Calculated LDL cholesterol might be, for example, 160 mg/dl—fairly high—but really be only 1000 nmol/L, the equivalent of an LDL value of 100 mg/dl—the calculated value is off by 60%.

Throw on top of this the fact that a third of practicing physicians are self-admitted control freaks and perhaps it should come as no surprise that people are so commonly bullied into statin—and other—prescriptions and medical advice.

Here’s a better way to view statin drugs and the reduction of cardiovascular risk. If you eliminate wheat/grains and sugar, restore vitamin D status, supplement fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids, correct iodine deficiency and obtain ideal thyroid status, restore magnesium, and cultivate healthy bowel flora, i.e., the Wheat Belly Total Health strategies:

Small LDL particles, the most common cause for heart disease, are dramatically reduced or eliminatedHDL cholesterol increases dramatically, rising from, say, a high-risk level of 35 mg/dl, to a healthy level of 70-90 mg/dl over timeTriglycerides plummet. It is not uncommon for a value of 350 mg/dl to drop to 45 mg/dl, an 87% reductionTotal cholesterol drops (though can also rise since HDL rises so much—yet another reason why total cholesterol is worthless: it can go up but reflects the contribution of rising HDL, a good thing)Blood sugar, HbA1c dropBlood pressure dropsInflammation/CRP plummet. CRP levels of zero are typical. (And, no, you do not need high-dose statins to reduce CRP, as some statin manufacturers will argue.)

The basic lipid panel, as well as an advanced lipoprotein panel, are transformed with these lifestyle changes, reflecting reduced cardiovascular risk—without statin drugs.

So the real question with statin drugs becomes: Is there any incremental benefitto statin drugs over and above the benefits achieved with these lifestyle changes that dramatically transform cardiovascular risk markers? If benefit in people following the wrong diet is 1-3%, then it is likely that the benefit to people following the right diet and lifestyle is far less, perhaps zero.


About Dr. Davis

Cardiologist, Dr. William Davis is a New York Times #1 Best Selling Author, and the Medical Director and founder of the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute, as well as the Cureality program.

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Cauliflower Egg Uppuma (Egg optional)

உணவின் பெயர் – பூங்கோசு முட்டை உப்புமா

தேவை – பூங்கோசு (காலிபிளவர்) துருவியது – இரண்டு கோப்பை
முட்டை – இரண்டு அல்லது மூன்று
பொடியாக நறுக்கிய வெங்காயம் – ஒன்று
நீளமாக வகுந்த பச்சை மிளகாய் – நான்கு
துருவிய காரட் – பாதி
சின்னத் துண்டுகளாக வெட்டிய மஞ்சள் குடைமிளகாய் – பாதி
செதுக்கிய இஞ்சி – கொஞ்சம் (Julian cuts)
கடுகு, உளுந்தம் பருப்பு, கருவேப்பிலை – தாளிக்க
உப்பு, எலுமிச்சை சாறு – சுவைக்காக
செய்முறை – பூங்கோசை தண்டு நீக்கி, வெந்நீரில் ஐந்து நிமிடம் ஊறவைத்து, வடிகட்டி, துருவிக்கொள்ளவும். I used food processor and pulsed it. பிறகு மைக்ரோவேவ் அவனில் ஒரு நிமிடம் வேக வைத்து எடுக்கவும்.
சட்டி காய்ந்தவுடன் வெண்ணை அல்லது ஆலிவ் எண்ணெய் விட்டு, கடுகு, உ.பருப்பு, ப.மிளகாய்,  கருவேப்பிலை போட்டு தாளித்து, பின், வெங்காயம், காரட், குடை மிளகாய், இஞ்சி, உப்பு போட்டு வதக்கி, முட்டைகளை உடைத்து ஊற்றி, கிளறி, பிறகு பூங்கோசை போட்டு, நன்றாக பிரட்டி,  இறக்குமுன், கொஞ்சம் எலுமிச்சைச் சாறு தெளித்து இறக்கவும். ரொம்ப நேரம் வேக வைக்க வேண்டாம். Do not over cook. As you already know, most of these items can be eaten raw. Enjoy with sparkling water or club soda.